Caen Street, Braunton Village

Braunton Parish Neighbourhood Plan activity launched in 2017. An initial public consultation informed residents of what a Neighbourhood Plan is and how it is a mechanism that provides residents an opportunity to have a say in how their neighbourhood –Braunton Parish – should develop.

Residents were asked three questions. What was the Parish like in the past (2002), present (2017) and how should it be in the future (2031)?
The responses would inform and shape the scope of the Parish Neighbourhood Plan. Analysis of residents’ responses indicated that the overarching desire was to protect and promote where they lived, with four key themes – Natural Environment, Built Environment, Economy and Housing.

In response to these initial findings a draft Parish Neighbourhood Plan has been developed.

We are now asking residents if the draft Plan and its policies address their wishes.
The consultation runs from 14/03/2022 to 29/04/2022, with a public consultation event being held at the Parish Hall on Saturday 19th March at 9.30am – 12.30pm.

Views of residents are important in this process. Your survey response can be filled in on line at www.surveymonkey. co.uk/r/BrauntonNP

The results of the Consultation survey will be published on this site and will inform the final draft of the Plan before its formal submission to North Devon Council Local Planning Authority for adoption.